Academic libraries as learning organisations


  • Jon Warwick
  • Gary Bell



Systems thinking, strategic planning


This paper highlights some of the deficiencies with Higher Education (HE) planning paradigms and then describes the Holon Framework as an HE planning approach that overcomes some of the deficiencies. The paper outlines some key features from the literature of organisational learning and explores how the Holon Framework facilitates both single and double-loop organisational learning. The paper then describes how the Holon Framework can be used as a strategic and operational planning tool with academic libraries and how the more conventional library operational research models can be included in a structured double loop learning process.

Author Biographies

Jon Warwick

Jon Warwick completed his first degree in Mathematics and Computing at South Bank Polytechnic in 1979 and was awarded a PhD in Operational Research in 1984. He has many years of experience in teaching mathematics, mathematical modelling, and operational research in the higher education sector and his research interests include systems theory and mathematics learning and teaching. He is currently Professor of Educational Development in the Mathematical Sciences at London South Bank University

Gary Bell

Dr Gary Bell is a Research Fellow at London South Bank University and a co-founder of the Social, Financial & Social Systems (SFSR) centre. He is developing and applying the Holon Framework for Higher Education Management and Software Project Management.






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