The shape and state of gaming in UK libraries


  • Sarah McNicol



gaming, public libraries, school libraries


This article describes the results of a survey to ascertain the current state of gaming provision in UK libraries. The online survey was completed by a self-selecting sample of libraries from mainly public and school libraries. The questions were based on similar surveys carried out by the Library Game Lab at Syracuse in the United States. The results show that, despite little mention of gaming in library policy documents, there is evidence considerable support for gaming in UK public and school libraries. A number of benefits for libraries and gamers are identified, but there are barriers to greater involvement in gaming such as resources and negative attitudes within the profession

Author Biography

Sarah McNicol

Sarah McNicol has worked as an information and library researcher for ten years. Being interested in young people and libraries and the use of new technology, she has recently carried out a survey to investigate the current state of gaming provision in UK libraries. This was carried out independently, working with Carl Cross of Derbyshire Libraries.






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