Collecting case studies / exemplars of good practice to enrich The National Information Literacy Framework (Scotland)


  • Christine Margaret Irving



information literacy, case studies, Curriculum for Excellence Literacy across learning, sharing practice, national framework, cross sector project


This paper discusses the challenges, process and reasons for collecting case studies / exemplars of good practice from practitioners to enrich The National Information Literacy Framework (Scotland). The lessons learned show that there is a tendency for people to think they are not doing anything special and therefore do not respond to emails for exemplars of good practice. They are however once contacted happy to share their practice. It is therefore essential to use networks of contacts, leave plenty of time to talk, visit and work with people on submitting their work as a case study / exemplar. Sharing practice also contributes to professional development both for the individual and their community and to the field of research. Background information is provided on the national framework, the project funding, the project partners and the range of examples collected for different sectors. Plus use of templates and Web 2 tools.

Author Biography

Christine Margaret Irving

Christine Irving BA (Hons), MCLIP, MSc Researcher / Project Officer The Scottish Information Literacy Project






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