Interviews via VoIP: Benefits and Disadvantages within a PhD study of SMEs


  • Naomi Victoria Hay-Gibson



records management, VoIP


The benefits and disadvantages of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) are explored as part of a PhD study to conduct qualitative interviews to discuss risk management within records management. This was used in conjunction with an internet-based electronic whiteboard system to provide online collaboration between participant and researcher. This work describes interviews that were held separately with two participants from one small to medium enterprise (SME). An analysis of factors that might affect researcher choice of interview format is given, and the differences noted between other formats of 'remote' interview. Suggestions are made as to how other forms of e-communication may be used for interviews.

Author Biography

Naomi Victoria Hay-Gibson

Naomi Hay-Gibson is a PhD student within the Information, Knowledge and Systems Research Group of the School of Computing, Engineering and Information Sciences (CEIS). Naomi is currently working on a PhD researching into risk management of electronic records management, and is funded by the AHRC. She is also blog maintainer for the ACERM project team. Her research interests include the history of risk, e-records and e-records management, and the developing use of Web 2.0.






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