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Vol 37, No 114 (2013): Information Literacy and Lifelong Learning BAWDEN, D. and ROBINSON, L. Introduction to Information Sciences. 2012. Details   PDF
Biddy Casselden
Vol 19, No 63 (1995) Benchmarking - BLRD&D funded research at Loughborough University of Technology Abstract   PDF
Penny Garrod
Vol 27, No 87 (2003) Benchmarking user satisfaction in academic libraries - a case study Abstract   PDF
Sebastian Mundt
Vol 37, No 115 (2013) BENTKOWSKA-KAFEL, A., DENARD, H. and DREW, B. Paradata and Transparency in Virtual Heritage, Farnham: Ashgate, 2012. Details   PDF
Stephen Austen Bowman
Vol 39, No 120 (2015) BERGER, Sidney E. Rare Books and Special Collections. London: Facet. 2014. Details   PDF
Joanna Baines
Vol 30, No 94 (2006) "Better libraries, better health, better healthcare" - the development of a strategic framework for London Health Libraries Abstract   PDF
Richard Osborn
Vol 40, No 123 (2016): Strategic and policy making issues in information literacy Between digital inclusion and social equality: The role of public libraries in Newcastle upon Tyne Abstract   PDF
Maria Laura Ruiu, Massimo Ragnedda
Vol 21, No 69 (1998) BEYOND E-LIB: How does e-lib fit into the wider context of Electronic lnformation Research? Abstract   PDF
Charles Oppenheim
Vol 39, No 121 (2015) Beyond the lens to the new disability exceptions: additional needs and authorised bodies Abstract   PDF
Ruth MacMullen
Vol 37, No 114 (2013): Information Literacy and Lifelong Learning BILI: Building Information Literacy in Ireland Abstract   PDF
Amy Connolly, Lorraine Curran, Áine Lynch, Sile O’Shea
Vol 29, No 91 (2005) Birkbeck Library: the impact of an online induction tutorial Details   PDF
Martin Draper
Vol 36, No 113 (2012) BLANCHETT, Helen, POWIS, Chris and WEBB, Jo. A guide to teaching information literacy: 101 practical tips. 2012. Details   PDF
Justine Tracey Sissons
Vol 31, No 97 (2007) Blessed are the Cheesemakers: evidence based policy versus the oral tradition Details   PDF
Derek Law
Vol 19, No 63 (1995) Book Reviews Abstract   PDF
Ian Winkworth, Geoffrey Smith, Cliff McKnight, David Haynes, Steve Morgan
Vol 19, No 63 (1995) Book Reviews Abstract   PDF
Steve Morgan, Alan Poulter, Meg Message
Vol 30, No 94 (2006) Book Reviews Abstract   PDF
Mike Sharrocks, Louise Ellis-Barrett, David Mcmenemy, Shane Godbolt
Vol 30, No 95 (2006) Book Reviews Abstract   PDF
Victoria Lagus, Chris Levey, Jack Meadows
Vol 25, No 79 (2001) Book Reviews Abstract   PDF
Vanda Broughton, Michael Fraser, Sian Griffiths, Claire McGuiness
Vol 24, No 78 (2000) Book reviews Abstract   PDF
David Mcmenemy, John Sumsion, Steve Morgan, Charles Oppenheim, Steve Morgan, Jenny Craven, Paul Sturges
Vol 24, No 77 (2000) Book Reviews Abstract   PDF
Jonathan Berry, Alan Hopkinson, Vanda Broughton, Charles Oppenheim, Claire Creaser, Helen Ashton, John Sumsion
Vol 24, No 76 (2000) Book Reviews Abstract   PDF
Susan House, Clare Hetherington, Ruth Mitchell, Sheila Scobie, Matthew Williamson, Charles Oppenheim, Patricia Layzell Ward
Vol 23, No 75 (1999) Book Reviews Abstract   PDF
I C McIlwaine, Catherine Grose, Chris Atton, Ann Smith, Denise Flowers, John Sumsion
Vol 23, No 74 (1999) Book Reviews Abstract   PDF
John Sumsion, Clara Cullen, Patricia Layzell Ward, Steve Morgan
Vol 23, No 73 (1999) Book Reviews Abstract   PDF
Steven Durise, Lorna Dukes, David Mcmenemy, Patricia Layzell Ward
Vol 22, No 71 (1998) Book Reviews Abstract   PDF
George Geddes, Stuart Hannabuss
Vol 22, No 72 (1998) Book Reviews Abstract   PDF
Charles Oppenheim, Philip Redmond Drew, Patricia Layzell Ward, Ian M Johnson, Linda Kerr, Ian Haydock, Andrew Dalgleish
Vol 22, No 70 (1998) Book reviews Abstract   PDF
John Sumsion, Patricia Layzell Ward
Vol 21, No 69 (1998) Book reviews Abstract   PDF
Charles Oppenheim, Jane Grogan, Stuart Hannabuss, Fytton Rowland, David Baker, Margaret Kinnell (Evans)
Vol 21, No 68 (1997) Book Reviews Abstract   PDF
Steve Morgan, John Sumsion, Patricia Layzell Ward, Gordon Brewer
Vol 20, No 66 (1996) Book Reviews Abstract   PDF
Peter Fox, Anne Goulding, Marianne Dee, Ian R Murray, J Eric Davies
Vol 20, No 65 (1996) Book Reviews Abstract   PDF
Ian R Murray, Anne Goulding
Vol 19, No 64 (1995) Book Reviews Abstract   PDF
Patricia Layzell Ward, Margaret Evans, John Arfield, Stephen Richard, J Eric Davies
Vol 19, No 62 (1994) Book Reviews Abstract   PDF
John Feather, Monica Blake, Stephanie Pilkington, Deborah Goodall, Steve Morgan
Vol 18, No 61 (1994) Book Reviews Abstract   PDF
Steve Morgan, Yvonne Steward
Vol 18, No 60 (1994) Book Reviews Abstract   PDF
Harry West, Steve Morgan, Deborah Goodall, Monica Blake
Vol 17, No 59 (1993) Book Reviews Abstract   PDF
Harry East, Micheline Hancock-Beaulieu
Vol 38, No 118 (2014) BRADLEY, Phil. Expert Internet Searching. 4th Edition. London: Facet Publishing. 2013 Details   PDF
Karen Crinnion
Vol 31, No 99 (2007) BRADLEY, Phil. How to use Web 2.0 in your library. London: Facet Publishing. 2007. Details   PDF
Chris Levey
Vol 40, No 122 (2016) BRADLEY, Phil. Social media for creative libraries. London: Facet. 2015. Details   PDF
Kevin Wilson
Vol 31, No 97 (2007) Breakout session one: Notes from the Library and Information Group speakers. Details   PDF
Seamus Simpson
Vol 31, No 97 (2007) Breakout session one: notes from the Library and Information Research Group speakers Details   PDF
Noeleen Schenk, Juliet Eve
Vol 31, No 97 (2007) Breakout session one: notes from the Library and Information Research Group speakers Details   PDF
Miggie Pickton
Vol 31, No 97 (2007) Breakout session one: summary of delegates' discussions Details   PDF
[anon.] No author
Vol 31, No 97 (2007) Breakout session two: summary of delegates' discussions Abstract   PDF
[anon.] No author
Vol 31, No 97 (2007) Breakout session two: the LIS research infrastructure. Research into practice: prospects for a future framework Details   PDF
Bob McKee
Vol 36, No 113 (2012) BRETTLE, Alison and URQUHART, Christine (eds.) Changing roles and contexts for health library and information professionals. 2012. Details   PDF
Mathew Stone
Vol 31, No 97 (2007) Brian Perry: obituary Abstract   PDF
Terry Cannon
Vol 20, No 66 (1996) Brittle words: the impact of health information on patients' compliance with treatment Abstract   PDF
Andrew Hampson
Vol 32, No 102 (2008) BROPHY, Peter. Measuring library performance: Principles and techniques. London: Facet Publishing. 2006. Details   PDF
Barbara Anne Sen
Vol 41, No 124 (2017) Broughton, V. (2015). Essential classification (2nd ed.). London: Facet Publishing. Details   PDF
Jennifer May
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