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Ragnedda, Massimo (Italy)
Randall, Bekky
Randall, Bekky (United Kingdom)
Rankin, Carolynn
Ravenwood, Clare, Loughborough University
Ray, Kathryn
Redman, Jane
Reedy, Katharine, Open University (United Kingdom)
Reeve, Sally, University of Brighton (United Kingdom)
Reid, Peter H (United Kingdom)
Reid, Sharon Deborah
Reynolds, Paul
Reynolds, Sue, RMIT University (Australia)
Reynolds, Tina
Richard, Stephen
Ritchie, Cristina Sacco
Roberts, Angharad, University of Sheffield Information School (United Kingdom)
Roberts, Angharad, University of Sheffield
Roberts, Angharad (United Kingdom)
Roberts, Angharad, Knowledge and Library Services, Barts Health NHS Trust (United Kingdom)
Roberts, Angharad
Roberts, Krista
Roberts, Stephen
Robertson, Penny, Jisc (United Kingdom)
Robertson, Penny (United Kingdom)
Robinson, Lyn
Robinson, Lyn (United Kingdom)
Rooney-Browne, Christine
Rosa, Ana (United Kingdom)
Rose, Hannah
Rothera, Hazel
Rowland, Fytton
Rowley, Katie
Ruiu, Maria Laura, Northumbria University (Italy)
Rumsey, Sally
Russell, **
Russell, Anne
Rys, Danuta, AGH University of Science and Technology (Poland)

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