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Cagnazzo, Laura, University of Strathclyde
Calvert, Andrew
Campbell, Fiona
Campbell, Laura
Campbell, Nicole
Cannon, Terry
Cannon-Leary, Pat
Cape, Brian
Capel, Susan Elizabeth
Carlin, Andrew P
Carson, Louise Caroline, Curtin University
Carter, Claire, University of Bedfordshire
Cartwright, Helen
Casselden, Biddy
Casselden, Biddy, Northumbria University
Chadaj, Anna, AGH University of Science and Technology
Chailla, Angella, Sokoine University of Agriculture, P. O. Box 3022, Morogoro
Chapman, Ann
Chapman, Margaret
Chelin, Jacqueline Ann
Chelin, Jacqueline Ann, University of the West of England, Bristol (United Kingdom)
Childs, Sue
Clapton, Janet
Clapton, Janet (United Kingdom)
Clarke, Hazel
Clarke, Zoe
Cockerill, Antje
Cockrill, Antje
Cole, Lynne, City University Norland College
Coles, Colette
Connolly, Amy
Conyers, Angela
Cooke, Louise
Cooke, Louise (United Kingdom)
Cooke, Louise, Loughborough University
Cookman, Noeleen
Cookman, Noelleen
Cooper, Brian
Copeland, Susan
Cossham, Amanda F., Open Polytechnic of New Zealand
Cotton, Ros
Cotton, Roslyn
Cotton, Roslyn (United Arab Emirates)
Coveney, Beatrice Coveney Huguette
Coventry, Lynne
Craven, Jenny
Crawford, John
Crawford, John, Chair, Information Skills for a 21st century Scotland (United Kingdom)
Crawford, John, Founder Chair, Information Skills for a 21st century Scotland
Crawford, John C

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