Delivering search skills training for healthcare staff in England

A collaborative approach to developing e-learning


  • Sarah Lewis Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust
  • Tracey Pratchett Lancashire Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust



This study evaluated a national collaborative project to develop generic, freely available e-learning modules on literature search skills for the healthcare workforce in NHS England. Feedback data was drawn from usage reports, an online survey embedded within each module and a separate online survey nationally distributed to health-related library staff.  The modules evaluated positively; learners found them useful, they impacted on learning and confirmed or increased knowledge. Only 3% reported that the modules made no difference to their literature search skills. There was also evidence that some libraries were using the modules as part of their local training. The study suggests that although there are challenges in trying to develop a one size fits all approach to e-learning, collaborating with potential end users and trainers can help to maximise its usefulness.