Arts Day

A creative intervention for NHS staff wellbeing


  • Natasha Howard North East London NHS Foundation Trust (NELFT)



Healthcare staff wellbeing is linked to patient outcomes. Arts programmes have been shown to improve physical and emotional wellbeing in hospital staff. Starting in 2016 NELFT has delivered an annual one day creative arts festival known as Arts Day. Attendees self-rated their wellbeing on arrival, as they left and as part of a longer term follow up survey.  There was an increase in the average self-rated wellbeing score after each Arts Day. The long term follow-up surveys show that attendees felt valued and enjoyed meeting up with colleagues. There is limited evidence of the long term impact of Arts Day. Less than 5% of NELFT staff have been released to attend the events. Future success will depend on integration with the wider wellbeing agenda and modifications to reach more staff.