Optimising real time clinical librarian support to enhance the evidence base in radiotherapy clinical protocols


  • Carol-Ann Regan Taunton and Somerset NHS Foundation Trust
  • Simon Goldsworthy Taunton and Somerset NHS Foundation Trust
  • Jessica Pawley Taunton and Somerset NHS Foundation Trust




Clinical teams are professionally driven to adopt the latest evidence-based care ensuring optimal outcomes for patients. There can be delays in the latest evidence reaching practice. The radiotherapy multi-professional team in partnership with Clinical Librarians developed a lean process to undertake the real-time evidence-based live update of clinical radiotherapy protocols. Principles of Quality Function Deployment were deployed to create a lean process. The process was evaluated for the percentage difference to the radiotherapy protocol parameters over two years. Satisfaction of the live update was scored from 1: Very dissatisfied to 5: Very satisfied. Since 2014, 12 protocols have been through the process. The live update resulted in 80% of differences to the clinical protocol compared to the previous two years. Among 10 respondents, a mode of 5 was scored for satisfaction. This novel approach has been successful in providing a lean process ensuring that the latest evidence reaches radiotherapy practice.