Towards a Model for the Evaluation and Planning of the Development of Education for Library, Archive and Information Services


  • Ian Martin Johnson The Robert Gordon University



development, evaluation, planning,


The absence of an appropriate theoretical framework for understanding and assessing influences on the development of education for library, archive and information work is reflected in a literature that is largely experiential rather than soundly grounded in empirical studies. Any development involves the introduction of innovations, and requires effective management. Drawing on theories on the management of change, the communication of ideas and the transfer of innovations, and incorporating the contextual evidence base suggested by comparative methodologies, this paper presents an analysis of the wide range of factors that need to be considered. A model developed from Porter’s ‘Value Chain’ theory provides a framework within which these factors could be considered not only in evaluating past developments in the field, but also in planning future innovations; a model that is arguably as relevant in professional practice in library, archive, and information work as in LIS education.

Author Biography

Ian Martin Johnson, The Robert Gordon University

Professor (retired)