The Researcher Librarian Partnership: building a culture of research


  • Helen Partridge Queensland University of Technology
  • Insa Haidn
  • Terry Weech
  • Lynn Silipigni Connaway
  • Michael Seadle



research, mentoring, evidence based practice, new professionals, research culture,


Increasingly, the library and information science (LIS) practitioner is being challenged to incorporate research into the context of their professional work. This paper reports on the Researcher-Librarian Partnership, a research-mentoring programme that was initiated by the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions. Six new LIS practitioners within their first seven years of professional practice took part in the programme. Each was partnered with an experienced LIS researcher who provided mentoring and support. During the 12-month programme the new professionals designed and implemented a research project on a topic of interest. This paper outlines the details of the programme providing observations on how research mentoring can be a powerful way to ensure all stakeholders – practitioners, educators and professional associations – can plan an active role in supporting the development of a research culture within the profession.





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