Reading lists – time for a reality check? An investigation into the use of reading lists as a pedagogical tool to support the development of information skills amongst Foundation Degree students


  • Gillian Siddall University of Northampton
  • Hannah Rose



Reading lists, information skills development, information literacy, foundation degree students, higher education


This article presents the results of an action research project exploring the use and value of reading lists for Foundation Degree students. The focus of the research was to look at the potential of reading lists to act as a pedagogical tool to support information skills development. The research methodology included focus groups with students, interviews with academic staff and reading list analysis. It was found that reading lists were being used by students to identify and find resources for their academic studies. Qualitative data from students and staff illustrate how reading lists are being used and the gaps between student and staff expectations of them. The article provides recommendations on how reading lists can be utilised to help students to develop their information skills.

Author Biography

Gillian Siddall, University of Northampton

Academic Librarian, University of Northampton





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