BILI: Building Information Literacy in Ireland


  • Amy Connolly
  • Lorraine Curran UCD, Dublin
  • Áine Lynch
  • Sile O’Shea



information literacy, best practice, CPD, community of practice, advoacy, information literarcy


Although information literacy (IL) practice has long been evident in Irish libraries, it was 2008 before the Working Group on Information Literacy (WGIL) published the first Irish national, cross-sector review. In 2012, we built on this research in order to (1) revisit the WGIL case studies and examine how IL was evolving, (2) consider the wider IL context in Ireland, and (3) examine innovations among international bodies supporting IL practice. Nine international experts and seventeen Irish experts contributed to interviews and surveys. This article focuses on the Irish findings. Revisiting case studies demonstrated that IL remains a priority for the majority despite the economic recession. Wider themes uncovered include embedding IL in the curriculum and workplace, e-citizenship, continuing professional development and advocacy. Recommendations centre on a two-tiered approach to IL development: a practitioner-led community of practice that facilitates communication and collaboration, and a high-level advocacy committee that fosters a holistic national strategy.