Dundee College’s Literacy Information Skills Project


  • Abigail Gourlay Mawhirt Dundee College




librarian, library, core skills, literacy


In 2009, Dundee College libraries had no formal literacy skills program despite having trained library staff with a variety of abilities and backgrounds. At the same time, the curriculum manager for Special Programs was keen to improve the information and digital literacy skills of specific groups within this area, but was unsure where to find support. Through open discussion with the library team, the possibility of using specialist library skills to develop an information literacy program was considered, with the official launch of the Literacy Information Skills project in the same year. The project has been very successful in both discrete areas and across the student population. The development of materials for the course has provided a bank of information literacy materials for the College and led to the development of further sessions on a variety of study and soft skills. Outcomes of the project have included both improved literacy skills and improved confidence and social skills.

Author Biography

Abigail Gourlay Mawhirt, Dundee College

Senior Assistant at Dundee College Learning Hubs (Library team), current MSc student completing dissertation.