The Inclusive Library: An investigation into provision for students with dyslexia within a sample group of academic libraries in England and Wales


  • Jane Belger University of Bristol
  • Jacqueline Ann Chelin University of the West of England, Bristol



support services, disabled students, dyslexia


The aim of this research was to investigate how the term inclusion can be applied to the support of dyslexic students within higher education in England and Wales. It explored the additional support services offered to dyslexic students by academic libraries and whether they are moving towards a more ‘dyslexic friendly’ environment. The research investigated the following issues: 1. Whether the additional support services provided by academic libraries meet the needs of dyslexic students 2. How inclusive is dyslexia provision within academic libraries? The methodological approach was primarily qualitative with some quantitative elements - a questionnaire and face-to-face interviews. The findings demonstrated that the provision for dyslexic students varied across the sample group. The development of more inclusive practices within the physical and virtual library was uncovered but there is still a need for additional support for students with dyslexia. A series of recommendations is derived from the conclusions.

Author Biographies

Jane Belger, University of Bristol


Jacqueline Ann Chelin, University of the West of England, Bristol

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