Informing Health: a participative approach to health information provision


  • Audrey Marshall
  • Flis Henwood



health information, participative approaches


This article reports on a research project which took place in Brighton in 2006. It was part of ongoing research into the role that information and communications technologies (ICTs) might play in enabling access to health information. It discusses the relevant policy areas, the approaches used in the research and the key findings. It sought to develop a model for good practice in community engagement around health information, adopting an approach based on participation and knowledge exchange. The discussion focuses on three themes arising from the study: different interpretations of health and health information; the role of libraries in health information provision; the benefits and issues of working in a partnership which includes community participants. The project demonstrated positive aspects of partnership working and community engagement, which can be used as a basis for further development, as well as some of the challenges inherent in such an approach.

Author Biographies

Audrey Marshall

Audrey Marshall is a Senior Research Fellow at the University of Brighton. She teaches library studies and has a particular research interest in health information.

Flis Henwood

Flis Henwood is Professor of Social Informatics at the University of Brighton. She has published widely on e-health issues in academic and practitioner journals.






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