Content Analysis of Research Articles in Information Systems (LIS) Journals


  • Karen Davies



data collection, authorship, journals


This article analyses the origins and data collection methodologies of research articles published in three Information System journals (Information Systems Research; Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association - JAMIA; and MIS Quarterly) between 2005 and 2007. A coding sheet was utilized to collect the relevant data for content analysis. Most articles were written by multiple authors based in the USA. Over 80% of the articles published in JAMIA were funded with over 40% for the other two journals. The data collection methodologies were diverse, but the most popular for all three journals was the questionnaire. A variety of statistical packages were used to analyze quantitative data while coding was the most popular method for analyzing qualitative data. These journals published more mixed methodological approach studies compared to previous research in this area.

Author Biography

Karen Davies

Assistant Professor