The onus on us? Stage one in developing an i-Trust model for our users.


  • Alison Jane Pickard
  • Pat Gannon-Leary
  • Lynne Coventry



electronic resources, i-Trust, digital literacy


This article describes a Joint Information Systems Committee (JISC)-funded project, conducted by a cross-disciplinary team, examining trust in information resources in the web environment employing a literature review and online Delphi study with follow-up community consultation. The project aimed to try to explain how users assess or assert trust in their use of resources in the web environment; to examine how perceptions of trust influence the behavior of information users; and to consider whether ways of asserting trust in information resources could assist the development of information literacy. A trust model was developed from the analysis of the literature and discussed in the consultation. Elements comprising the i-Trust model include external factors, internal factors and user's cognitive state. This article gives a brief overview of the JISC funded project which has now produced the i-Trust model (Pickard et. al. 2010) and focuses on issues of particular relevance for information providers and practitioners.

Author Biographies

Alison Jane Pickard

Head of Information and Communication Management; Director of Quality and Student Experience; School of Computing, Engineering and Information Sciences, Northumbria University

Pat Gannon-Leary

Pat has worked in HEIs for many years and has 12 years experience as a researcher. She was researcher on the JISC-funded JUBILEE project on electronic information services and on the evaluation strand of the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister's FAME project (Framework for Multiagency Environments). She has published widely and presented at international conferences. Her publications include the co-authored book 'Providing Effective Library Services for Research' published by Facet.

Lynne Coventry

Lynne is Co-Director of the Psychology and Communications Technology Lab where she runs projects in relation to usability, trust and privacy perceptions. Prior to this, she worked as a human computer interaction researcher for 10 years at NCR where she was responsible for researching issues that impact the use of self service technology by a world wide, diverse population.






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