UNNDERPIN at St. George's Hospital, Morpeth : a case study of library service provision and user needs in a climate of change


  • Linda Banwell




UNNDERPIN, nurses, health studies, change, demand, patient care, clinical developments, individual user needs, individual user problem areas, solutions, health information provision, care in the Community, electronic information, library services


UNNDERPIN (University of Northumbria at Newcastle DEvelopment of and Research into the Provision of lnformation to Nurses, and nurse educators) has been an 8 month study jointly funded and undertaken by the Information Services Department and Department of Information and Library Management from the University of Northumbria, and the Bede, Newcastle and Northurnbria College of Health Studies, which is also now part of the University of Northumbria. The general aim of UNNDERPIN has been to undertake an examination of library and information services in a climate of change where user information needs are changing and demanding changed services to meet those needs, in order to support patient care and clinical developments. A picture has been built up of individual users' information use, needs, problem areas and possible solutions.

Author Biography

Linda Banwell

Department of Information and Library Management, University of Northumbria, at Newcastle.