Current research at the School of Information and Media, The Robert Gordon University


  • Rita Marcella
  • Dorothy A Williams
  • F Douglas Anderson



research projects, Aberdenn, Robert Gordon, portfolio, information library studies, publishing, communications, modern languages, course development, postgraduate, research, Research Assessment Exercise, funding, research assistants, policy


There are a number of research projects at present underway at the School of Information and Media in Aberdeen. The School, with an established portfolio of courses in information, library studies and publishing, has recently grown through the incorporation of communications and modern languages teaching staff. The growth of the School from 10 academic staff four years ago to a current position with approximately 50 academic and research staff, is reflected in a corresponding growth in research activity and in the range of research interests represented. New course development, in particular the Postgraduate Diploma/MSc in Information Analysis, has also fuelled the research effort. Following the last Research Assessment Exercise, a policy decision was taken to invest much of the funding achieved in the appointment of Research Assistants who could support the development of research initiatives in the School. The mix of research interests is reflected in the establishment of four research clusters, which seek to draw together staff working in broadly related areas, in order that they may share experience and develop best practice. These clusters focus on information management, information technology/information retrieval, education for information, and publishing and mediation of information. Some of the groups are large, boisterous and possibly hyperactive: others are smaller and more recently established. It might be intere sting to ponder the most effective size and orientation of such groups for maximizing produclivity and enhancing quality, but that is an issue for another day. This article briefly describes the activities and interests of each of the clusters.

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School of Information and Media, The Robert Gordon University

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School of Information and Media, The Robert Gordon University