The CLA HE Trial Scanning Licence - how we're using it.


  • Jenny Delasalle



copyright, scanning, digitisation, electronic resources, survey, higher education, academic libraries, CLA


The Copyright Licensing Agency (CLA) Higher Education (HE) Trial Scanning Licence has been implemented to varying degrees across UK HE institutions. The UK HE community has sought to share expertise in the technical, practical and compliance issues associated with the licence since its introduction. The University of Warwick Research and Innovation Unit (RIU) conducted a survey of scanning practice which revealed different approaches and levels of scanning in evidence. This, taken with the CLA's own data about how the licence has been used, presents a picture of how UK HE Institutions are providing electronic extracts to their students. Issues such as who is using the licence, how much they are scanning, what the nature of that scanned content is and how they are creating scanned extracts, reveal much that can help those considering whether and how to use the CLA HE Trial Scanning Licence.

Author Biography

Jenny Delasalle

Jenny Delasalle is a Service Innovation Officer at the University of Warwick Library Research and Innovation Unit and has a background in subject support and project work.






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