The use of library footage in the production of television news: a case study of BBC TV's "Newsroom South East" programme.


  • Robin Pearson



Producer Choice, BBC resource departments, budgets, self financing, Elstree Library, Newsroom South East,


The catalyst for this piece of research was the introduction by the BBC in 1992 of a cost accounting scheme known as Producer Choice. Prior to this, all BBC resource departments had their own budgets and provided what was in essence a 'free' service to programme makers. As a result, all BBC resource departments now have to be self financing within this new, more competitive market place. As a result of Producer Choice, the Elstree Library now relies upon selling its services to NSE. In this new commercial relationship there is a'need to be able to quantify the service that the Library provides. It was this need that provided the central impetus behind this research project . The resulting analysis should not only enable the Library to be more conscious of the demands placed upon it by NSE, but should also allow it to demonstrate to the programme makers what an essential role it plays in getting NSE 'on the air'.