Breakout session one: Notes from the Library and Information Group speakers.


  • Seamus Simpson



BL seminar

Author Biography

Seamus Simpson

Seamus Simpson is a Principal Lecturer and Research Co-ordinator at the Department of Information and Communications, Faculty of Humanities, Law and Social Science, Manchester Metropolitan University, UK. His research interests lie in European and global communications policy and regulation, published work on which has most recently appeared in, among others, New Media and Society, Telecommunications Policy, Information, Communications and Society, and the Journal of Public Policy. He is author of two books: Globalisation, Convergence and European Telecommunications Regulation (2005, Edward Elgar) (with Peter Humphreys, University of Manchester) and The New Electronic Marketplace: European governance strategies in a globalising economy (2007, forthcoming January, Edward Elgar) (with George Christou, University of Warwick).




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