Breakout session one: notes from the Library and Information Research Group speakers


  • Noeleen Schenk
  • Juliet Eve



BL seminar

Author Biographies

Noeleen Schenk

Noeleen Schenk is an independent research consultant, with over fifteen years’ experience of working in the information sector as a practitioner, researcher and consultant. During the past seven years Noeleen has been working as an Information and Knowledge Consultant, specialising in projects related to the information sector, specifically the effective management and utilisation of information, the issues surrounding the implementation of an effective information management system, and the user interface with that information, including access and retrieval issues. During this time she has worked with IDOX plc, Instant Library Limited and David Haynes Associates. Noeleen works with clients from the public and private sectors.

Juliet Eve

Juliet Eve is a Senior Lecturer in the Division of Information and Media Studies at the University of Brighton. She is the course leader for the MA in Information Studies, and specialises in teaching research methods. Before becoming a lecturer in 2000, Juliet conducted research in the public library sector, particularly evaluation and impact of ICT projects. She has recently, with Noeleen Schenk, completed a study into interactions between library and archive researchers and practitioners, and is currently part of EU funded project looking at public libraries and lifelong learning. She has been a committee member of the Library and Information Research Group since 2000.




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