Always look on the bright side: LIS research since 2000


  • Peter Brophy



research needs, research environment


This paper outlines the library and information science (LIS) research environment which has developed over the last six years, focusing on the key research funders and the research themes which have emerged. It suggests that, while there is significant funding available for research, the funding environment is challenging and highly competitive. It is argued that, in general, LIS research, including that undertaken by and with practitioners, needs to develop a firmer theoretical and contextual foundation and that there is a need to distinguish between supporting studies, often with an implicit or explicit advocacy agenda, and research.

Author Biography

Peter Brophy

Professor Peter Brophy is Director, Centre for Research in Library & Information Management (CERLIM) at Manchester Metropolitan University. Between 1989 and 1998 he was Head of Library and Learning Resource Services at the University of Central Lancashire, where CERLIM was founded in 1993. A former President of the Institute of Information Scientists, he has led a variety of large research projects and has published widely in the field - most recently Measuring Library Performance (Facet 2006).




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