Communicating research to practice: The role of professional association publications


  • Gaby Haddow



research communication, evidence based practice, LIS publications, research and practice


Effective communication of research to practice should facilitate evidence based decision-making by library and information professionals. One way this may be achieved is through the publications distributed by library associations to their members. This paper reports on a study that explored the role of library associations' publications in communicating research information. Firstly, the reading habits of practitioners from a range of disciplines are discussed, finding support for making research information accessible through library associations' publications. Using content analysis, the extent and subject of research information published in two associations' publications was examined. Research information comprised a small proportion of the publications' content and much of the research information is presented as a brief mention only. The largest proportion of research information in both publications focuses on content about 'information behaviour, user needs/services'. The paper concludes by suggesting initiatives to improve practitioner access to research information in association publications.

Author Biography

Gaby Haddow

Department of Information Studies, Lecturer






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