Electronic theses: their production, management and use.


  • Susan Copeland




electronic theses, NDLTD,


This article presents the findings of a research visit to the USA which was undertaken, in 1998, to assess the production, management and use of electronic theses at Virginia Polytechnic lnstitute and State University (Virgin ia Tech.).The activities there, and the achievements of the Networked Digital Library of Theses and Dissertations (NDLTD) project, are contrasted with the efforts of the UniversityTheses Online Group (UTOG) in the UK. A year on from the visit, the electronic theses at VirginiaTech. are being consulted more than before. ln contrast, in the UK, interest still appears to be limited. This article aims to demonstrate the value of producing theses in electronic format, to discuss what is required in order to achieve an acceptance of electronic theses,and to encourage further work in this area.

Author Biography

Susan Copeland

Susan Copeland is currentlyAaing Depute Librarian at The Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen. She is a graduate of the universities of St.Andrews,Wales, and Sheffield and, prior to being appointed Senior Librarian at RGU in 1990, she worked in school and public library services. This study resulted from the Group's 1997 Elsevier/LIRG Research Award.




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