Access- the Millenium fix? The role and performance document supply services in a Higher Education library.


  • Frances Boyle



hybrid continuum, document delivery services, qualitative, quantitative, access, holdings


As one of the ongoing University of Liverpool Library developments along the'hybrid continuum' investigations into the effectiveness, efficiency and economic implications of document delivery services were. undertaken. Evaluation and analyses looked at both qualitative and quantitative aspects of the services: both established and new services were reviewed. The evidence from the analyses to date indicates that the 'access versus holdings' debate will continue well into the millennium.

Author Biography

Frances Boyle

At the time of this project the author was working at the University of Liverpool researching into the wide arena of document supply and access methodologies. She is now Electronic Resources R&D Manager. The Library and lnformation Research Group awarded the 1999 Daphne Clark Prize for the research report described in this article.




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