Review Article: Some "hybrid features"


  • John Sumsion



hybrid libraries, innovative network publishing, academic libraries, copyright,


The Occasion: With no pressure on space for this number of LIRN, it seemed appropriate to take the opportunity to comment on research issues at the cutting edge of present dynamic developments involving the Hybrid Library concept and innovative network publishing. lt may be a case of the generalist stepping in where specialists fear to tread - if it be intellectual luxury, then others are invited to follow!

Author Biography

John Sumsion

With a degree in Modern History at Cambridge John Sumsion spent two years at Yale (M.A. 1953) and Cornell studying and teaching Economics. After a long career in manufacturing'K'Shoes' he was appointed in 1981 to set up the Public Lending Right operation. Here he gained valuable knowledge of UK public libraries through operating and evaluating the PLR statistical sampling scheme and he developed new ways to analyse book loans and to describe the Buying:Borrowing features of the book trade. He then spent five years as Director of LISU (Library & lnformation Statistics Un it) at Loughborough University - which included research projects in University Libraries (Follett Review), Special Libraries and Performance Measurement (Audit Commission and EC). On retiring from LISU in September 1996 he was appointed Senior Honorary Fellow in Loughborough's Department of lnformation Science - which is now his base for personal teaching, research and consultancy. Until last year he chaired IFLA's Statistics Committee and the Group revising the Library Statistics lnternational Standard. Currently he also edits LIRN.




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