The Brian Perry commemorative workshop, 27th November 2006.


  • Lynne Brindley



Brian Perry

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Lynne Brindley

Lynne Brindley has been the Chief Executive of The British Library since 2000. Since her appointment, Lynne has led a major strategic repositioning and modernisation programme to ensure that the BL continues to provide relevant services to users in the 21st century, and that the library is recognised for its contribution to research, innovation and culture. Lynne spent the early part of her career at the British Library and has held senior library positions at the London School of Economics, KPMG, and Aston University. Lynne was previously Pro-Vice-Chancellor and University Librarian of the University of Leeds. Lynne is active in national and international bodies concerned with cultural, library and digital information strategy. She is a Visiting Professor at City and Leeds universities. Her research and professional interests are in knowledge management, digital library developments, strategy and leadership.




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