The use of library and information resources by research staff at Glascow Caledonian University


  • Rona Ferguson
  • John Crawford



LIS, inter library loans, cooperation


This research evaluates the use made of LIS by researchers at Glasgow Caledonian University with a view to effecting improvements where appropriate.The interview method was used. As a result of the study electronic requesting of inter library loans has been introduced and special Library web pages for researchers are now available. The need for cooperation between the Library and the Research and Commercial Development Office was recognised. The research methodologies of researchers was found to be extremely variable and often unsophisticated. Direct contact with the Library is in decline.

Author Biographies

Rona Ferguson

Rona Ferguson is a qualified librarian who is currently on the committee of the Centre for Contemporary History at Glasgow Caledonian University and an experienced qualitative researcher.

John Crawford

John Crawford is Library Research Officer at Glasgow Caledonian University where he is responsible, interalia, for evaluating the Library's services to users and directing and conducting research projects.




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