RefWorks investigated: an appropriate bibliographic management solution for health students at King's College London?


  • Andria McGrath



A small scale pilot project was set up to investigate whether the introduction of web-based bibliographic software at King's College London would prove useful to undergraduate and taught postgraduate students, and to establish the support and training requirements. Customisation of the interface and extensive local preparation aimed to make the service as easy to use as possible, and to test whether it could be used successfully with the minimum of extra trainlng. The service was primarily introduced to a cohort of biomedical students. A questionnaire directed at all registered users revealed a high degree of satisfaction with the service. Some would have liked specific training, but many were happy to receive support in a variety of different ways.

Author Biography

Andria McGrath

Andria McGrath is an lnformation Specialist at King's College London, involved in training and liaison in the Biomedical School. She also specialises in bibliographic software.




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