ReLIANT: Reader's guide to the Literature on Interventions Addressing the Need of education and Training


  • Denise Koufogiannakis
  • Andrew Booth
  • Alison Brettle



educational and training interventions, appraisal, information literacy skills training, ReLIANT,


Librarians need to be able to read critically published accounts of educational and training interventions (ETl) and to apply the results to their own practice. One mechanism for assisting library practitioners in doing this is the critical appraisal checklist. This article describes the process of developing such a checklist - involving a literature review of existing frameworks and experience in appraising such studies for a systematic review of information literacy skills training. The ReLIANT instrument is offered as a first attempt to equip library practitioners with a tool for use when appraising published reports of educational and training interventions.

Author Biographies

Denise Koufogiannakis

Collections and Acquisitions Coordinator, University of Alberta Libraries, has completed a systematic review of methods for teaching information literacy skills to undergraduate students.

Andrew Booth

Reader in Evidence Based lnformation Practice at ScHARR, University of Sheffield, has research interests in critical appraisal and Evidence Based Library & lnformation Practice.

Alison Brettle

Research Fellow, University of Salford, is undertaking research in Evidence Based Library & lnformation Practice with particular inrerests in evaluation of information skills tralning.




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