"Better libraries, better health, better healthcare" - the development of a strategic framework for London Health Libraries


  • Richard Osborn




London Health Libraries network, NHS, Workforce Development Confederations, Strategic Health Authorities, London Library and Information Development Unit, higher education, The London Health Libraries Strategy and Development Group, M25, patient care


The London Health Libraries network was established in April 2003, following the last re-organisation of the NHS in the capital, which saw the creation of five Workforce Development Confederations (WDCs) and Strategic Health Authorities (SHAs) and the end of the London Region. Building on the work and achievements of the London Library and Information Development Unit (LLIDU), the network includes libraries who are providing services to health and social care staff and students, whether they be managed by the NHS, a higher education institution or an independent or voluntary organisation. In total, this brings together some 125 library services, of which over 85 in the NHS and higher education sectors are receiving NHS funding.

Author Biography

Richard Osborn

Richard Osborn is Knowledge Resources Manager for North West London Strategic Health Authority. He was chair of the London Health Libraries Strategy and Development Group when the strategic framework for health library services in London was developed and launched.