Future proofing the health library and information profession through research: the CILIP Agenda.


  • Margaret Haines




CILIP, health library, Health Executive Advisory Group, research, knowledge economy


This paper describes the work undertaken by the Chartered lnstitute of Library and lnformation Professionals (ClLlP) to address the concerns of the health library and information community and in particular to address the concerns of this group for support ln becoming a more research-active profession. CILIP appointed a Health Executlve Advisory Group to address these issues and its report, "Future Proofing the Profession", and its recommendations in relation to research, are considered in this paper, alongside the recommendations relating to research made by an earlier CILIP PolicyAdvisory Group on the Knowledge Economy. ClLlPi response to the report including the establishment of a HEAG lmplementation Group is also described and the work of CILIP and its'special interest groups in addressing the research issues of the HEAG report are outlined.

Author Biography

Margaret Haines

Margaret Haines is the University Librarian at Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada and former Director of lnformation Services and Systems at Kingt College London.A Past President of CILIB she chaired both the SCONUL Health Strategy Group and CILIP's lmplementation Group for Future Proofing the Profession.