A study measuring the effectiveness of outreach work, as a means of increasing public library use and social inclusion in order to meet Public Service Agreement targets


  • Wendy Molyneux




public libraries, performance measurement, social inclusion,


In April 2002,Warrington Borough Council entered into a three year Local Public Service Agreement aimed at improving public services throughout the Borough.Warrington Library, Museum and Archives' involvement was to increase the number of issues, visitors and newly registered members to libraries in six socially deprived wards - creating the outreach post of Service Development Officer to carry forward strategic plans. At the end of the agreement, an evaluative case study was undertaken to measure the effectiveness of outreach work as a means of increasing public library use and social inclusion by using methodological triangulation. The findings confirmed the success of meeting the targets and support for the Service Development Officer post which has been permanently mainstreamed by Warrington Library, Museum and Archives Service and contributed to the development of a model to measure future projects.




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