Investigating the provision of careers information in schools


  • Sarah McNicol



careers libraries, careers advisory services, careers education,


A detailed study of careers information provision in secondary schools and its impact on students' decision making in relation to future careers, training and employment is long overdue. Through interviews with Connexions partnerships and case studies in four schools in the West Midlands region, this research aimed to investigate how careers information (in the library and elsewhere) can be provided most effectively in schools to ensure it is accessible and useful to students. Although the time allocated within the curriculum for careers education is being reduced and not all students are now automatically entitled to a careers interview, few students are likely to spend time investigating careers independently. Even careers libraries or information centres which are attractive and well stocked are not well-used by students. The skills of library staff might be harnessed more effectively than is the case at present to help to improve careers provision in schools.




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