Exam Papers On-Demand


  • Sally Rumsey
  • Jon Maslin




exam papers, online access, University of Surrey


The Exam Papers On-demand Project comprised 1) research into the feasibility of electronic provision of University of Surrey past exam papers and 2) the subsequent development of a scalable and sustainable system for allowing Internet access to past exam papers by members of the University. Although this has been achieved at other institutions, the solution at the University of Surrey is believed to be innovative in a number of ways. The achievements include the compliance with the Dublin Core metadata standard and the design of a generic system that could be used in the future for additional learning and teaching resources.

Author Biographies

Sally Rumsey

Sally Rumsey is Academic Liaison Librarian (Human Sciences and Education) and acted as Research Assistant on the Exam Papers Project. She has previously worked on the Tolimac (Total Library Management Concept) Project (http://tolimac.ulb.ac.be/) (in association with Université Libres de Bruxelles and others) and evaluation of the Patron (Performing Arts Teaching On-line) system (http://www.lib.surrey.ac.uk/patron2/).o

Jon Maslin

Jon Maslin is Manager of Learning Systems (Centre for Learning Developments). He has been responsible for the development and implementation of a range of electronic information projects that have included advanced editorial, production and delivery services. Latterly he was project manager for the Patron project that integrated multiple media resources in a library and teaching environment.2




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